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Our primary goal is to drive up value and bring big business IT services to small and medium sized businesses in Portsmouth.


It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small; the fact is that downtime is a costly, wasteful experience. When your server goes down or your staff can’t get access to the network, your productivity goes in to a nose dive.


You may not have an in-house IT department but it doesn’t mean you should be experiencing poor IT performance. Blue Mouse IT can offer outsourced IT support to companies in Portsmouth by applying a combination of proactive measures to reduce and preferably prevent downtime.  For example from the outset we make it our business to know your business, not just what you do but how you do it and how this draws on your IT network. We’ll also map out your IT setup so that we have a current and historical view of your systems and devices.  We then set in place our fully automated 24/7 health and performance monitoring tools which we back up with regular scans and checks to keep an eye on system security, patch updates, available disk space and so on.


On occasions when you raise a support ticket, we won’t let it ‘disappear in to the ether’ we will be working on it to bring about early resolution but we’ll also be updating you on progress. We are a local company so if a remote fix is not an option we’ll be able to get to your site quickly as and when required.


Finally in addition to our day to day support you can also call on us to advise and guide you through the considerations and impact of emerging and changing technologies so that you can make informed decisions of where IT can further contribute to your business.


Today there are many significant benefits that the internet can bring to small and medium sized businesses but on the flip side there is also the issue of security threats that the internet can pose for your business. These range anywhere from ‘inconvenient’ to ‘disastrous’ and are growing by the day so it is necessary to build protection in to your IT and importantly, keep it updated. Blue Mouse IT can review your IT’s security and advise the best solutions to fit your business so that it doesn’t burden your systems and budget so that you can get the best protection for your money.


When it comes to back up there is a pertinent albeit cynical statement that says there are two types of hard drive; hard drives that have failed and hard drives that will, one day, fail.  Who knows? However, today’s back up technology has stretched well beyond a dependence on these much maligned hard drives to the point where redundancy (in the world of IT this means – system design in which a component is duplicated) can be built in to all systems so that no one single component can be a critical failure point. Data can be automatically and frequently backed up to reduce any loss of data. It can be restored in minutes not hours and in many cases without bringing down your network so that your employees can continue to work while the fixes are being made in the background. Blue Mouse IT is very experienced in specifying, supplying and installing backup systems that are tailored to their client’s needs.

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What our Clients say

  • Blue Mouse IT helped us with our Office Move, they ensured we had minimal downtime and now use them ongoing for Support.

  • Blue Mouse provided us with a new Server and WiFi solution, it has improved our business functionality and has allowed us to expand.

  • Blue Mouse IT never fail to deliver, they have provided us with a cost effective cloud based solution.

  • Communication is key to our business, Blue Mouse IT’s cloud email platform has really improved our business communication and we know if any problems arise they are on the end of the phone to help.