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IT Support Surrey

Blue Mouse IT’s proactive IT Services for Surrey are designed to cover all your business IT needs.  From supporting your employees’ workstations, laptops and tablets to managing your servers and network devices.  24/7 monitoring of your systems will drastically reduce the risk of slow running or downtime experience and our proactive maintenance schedules will keep your IT healthy and performing well.  Friendly and experienced support staff will be on hand to assist you and your colleagues with any technology-related issues.

When you sign up for Blue Mouse IT’s outsourced support you’ll have the benefit of being able to relax in the knowledge that your IT  issues are being resolved while your staff focus on the business issues that need their attention. You’ll rest easy knowing that our IT support for Surrey means you can call for and receive support without necessarily increasing your monthly IT spend. A proactive, properly maintained approach also works for you In the long run because it will reduce costs and cut down the number of IT issues you have. You will experience less downtime and all for an affordable rate that’s brings corporation level support to small and medium sized businesses.

If you already employee an internal IT department we can certainly provide an extra pair of smart hands as and when needed or in some cases we can bring in specialist levels of expertise to tackle specific high level issues.   If your current IT team is stretched on a particular IT project, Blue Mouse IT is the perfect solution for lightening their workload.

Providing IT consultancy and computer support in Surrey to small and medium enterprises has meant that Blue Mouse IT has been able to help these businesses grow and flourish in their respective markets.  We provide services such as network support, cloud storage help, Office 365 services, Data backup and recovery, business telephones systems support, server care and upgrades, PC support and much more.

Blue Mouse IT are dedicated to ensuring your technology investment is kept stable and up and running smoothly.  Consider Blue Mouse IT as your local IT partner, your IT consultancy in Surrey. Relax in the knowledge that we will understand and be familiar with your IT systems and will strive to keep you abreast of the latest relevant technologies so that you can make the right, informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Consider us as your virtual IT Support Department.  Watching and protecting your infrastructure, carrying out day-to-day maintenance, tackling and where possible preventing issues and on the lookout for strategic applications that will help you build and grow your business. And of course, always being on hand to talk and walk your staff through their IT issues.

Give Blue Mouse IT a call today and free yourself from the nightmare of your IT infrastructure.

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What our Clients say

  • Blue Mouse IT helped us with our Office Move, they ensured we had minimal downtime and now use them ongoing for Support.

  • Blue Mouse provided us with a new Server and WiFi solution, it has improved our business functionality and has allowed us to expand.

  • Blue Mouse IT never fail to deliver, they have provided us with a cost effective cloud based solution.

  • Communication is key to our business, Blue Mouse IT’s cloud email platform has really improved our business communication and we know if any problems arise they are on the end of the phone to help.