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Blue Mouse IT offer a variety of services for your telephony needs. Whether it be on-site PBX and equipment or hosted telephony platforms, we have the right solution for you. Our team of in house engineers are accredited within the telephony sector; with varying qualifications from SIP communicator technical training to voice recording platforms used in trading floor environments. This allows us to provide the optimal solution for any size business whether it be on site or hosted.  


ON-SITE – On-site telephony solutions consist predominately of a PBX (private branch exchange) which will be connected to multiple outgoing phone lines known as trunks, these connect the on-site handsets to the outside world and allow your business to take and receive calls concurrently meaning your business will never miss an opportunity again.  


HOSTED – Hosted telephony systems are just one of the more modern steps into the cloud, these systems consist of hosted PBXs, mitigating the extra cost of support and hardware that come with on-site solutions; the only requirements are the handsets and an internet connection. The handsets come preconfigured, all you need to do is connect them into the internet via Ethernet. The handset then connects to the hosted “PBX” it has been assigned, via SIP, at this point you are ready to go. Another upside to hosted platforms is the ability to take your handset anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) and it will perform as if you were in the office; allowing you to dial colleagues via extension lines, park calls and transfer calls all as if you were in your own office environment.

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What our Clients say

  • Blue Mouse IT helped us with our Office Move, they ensured we had minimal downtime and now use them ongoing for Support.

  • Blue Mouse provided us with a new Server and WiFi solution, it has improved our business functionality and has allowed us to expand.

  • Blue Mouse IT never fail to deliver, they have provided us with a cost effective cloud based solution.

  • Communication is key to our business, Blue Mouse IT’s cloud email platform has really improved our business communication and we know if any problems arise they are on the end of the phone to help.